Altria Cuts Juul Valuation to Below $5 Billion (by Renata Geraldo in WSJ, Oct 30, 2020): "Altria Group Inc. slashed the value of its investment in Juul Labs Inc., estimating the e-cigarette maker is worth less than $5 billion, or half as much as Juul says it is now worth."

Juul Cuts Valuation to $10 Billion (by Jennifer Maloney in WSJ, Oct 29, 2020): "Sales are falling as some Juul customers switch back to traditional cigarettes and Reynolds American Inc.'s Vuse e-cigarette brand gains market share with a multi-media marketing campaign and vaporizers priced at 99 cents."

Juul Shelves Plan for Feature That Counts Puffs (by Jennifer Maloney in WSJ, Sep 4, 2020): "The feature allowed consumers to track the number of puffs they took on a Juul vaporizer that transmitted the data through a Bluetooth connection to an Android-phone app."

Juul to Cut More Than Half of Its Workforce (by Jennifer Maloney in WSJ, Sep 3, 2020): "The company is aiming to shrink its workforce of 2,200 to about 1,000, the people familiar with the matter said."

Juul Sees Long Road Back to Growth (by Jennifer Maloney in WSJ, June 11, 2020): "Since K.C. Crosthwaite took the helm of the e-cigarette maker nine months ago, Juul has halted most of its U.S. advertising, cut more than 1,500 jobs, stopped selling sweet and fruity flavors in the U.S. and put the brakes on its international expansion."

E-Cigarette Maker Juul Is Moving Base From San Francisco to Washington, D.C. (by Jennifer Maloney in WSJ, May 5, 2020): "The e-cigarette maker seeks to repair its relationship with regulators and distance itself from Silicon Valley's growth-at-all-costs culture."

Juul Labs Plans to Cut Roughly a Third of Its Workers (by Jennifer Maloney in WSJ, April 29, 2020): "Juul Labs Inc. is planning to cut around a third of its staff as it grapples with falling e-cigarette market share and regulatory crackdowns."

FTC Sues to Unwind Altria's $12.8 Billion Investment in Competitor JUUL (FTC press release, April 1, 2020)

The Juul Executive Who Was Overseeing $1 Billion In Cuts Is Leaving (BuzzFeed News, March 31, 2020)

People who vape show DNA changes similar to smokers and that are linked to cancer (Business Insider, March 7, 2020)

Two Juul Executives Leave Company in Pullback Overseas (by Jennifer Maloney in WSJ, Feb 25, 2020): "Juul plans to cut more than 20 staff at its regional headquarters in Singapore."

Juul Bought Ads Appearing on Cartoon Network and Other Youth Sites, Suit Claims (by Sheila Kaplan in NYT, Feb 12, 2020): "The case, brought by Massachusetts after a lengthy investigation, presents some of the strongest evidence the vaping company was marketing to teenagers."

Who Thought Sucking on a Battery Was a Good Idea? (by Stephen S. Hall in NYMag, Feb 4, 2020): "Vaping is a health crisis that's only just begun."

Altria Takes $4.1 Billion Charge on Juul Investment (by Jennifer Maloney in WSJ, Jan 30, 2020): "Tobacco giant cites mounting lawsuits against e-cigarette maker for second big write-down."

Vaping on Campus: No Parents, No Principals, a Big Problem (by Dan Levin, NYT, Dec 22, 2019): "Vaping has become an irresistible - and addictive - part of life for many college students."

Juul Says Its Focus Was Smokers, but It Targeted Young Nonsmokers (by Julie Creswell and Sheila Kaplan in the NYT, Nov 23, 2019): "The company planted the seeds of a public health crisis by marketing to a generation with low smoking rates, and it ignored evidence that teenagers were using its products."

A.M.A. Urges Ban on Vaping Products as Juul Is Sued by More States (by Karen Zraick in NYT, Nov 19, 2019): "Lawsuits filed against Juul this week by the attorneys general of New York and California claim that the embattled company deliberately marketed and sold vaping products to young people - and helped create a public health crisis."

Investigators Find Clue to Mysterious Vaping Injuries (by Brianna Abbott and Jennifer Maloney in WSJ, Nov 8, 2019): "Vitamin E oil was detected in all 29 samples taken from vaping patients tested by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the federal agency said Friday, a tantalizing clue in the investigation into the cause of mysterious lung injuries. . . . Juul Labs Inc., the market-leading e-cigarette maker, said its vaping products don't contain THC or vitamin E acetate."

Vaping-Related Illnesses Remain a Mystery to New York Health Officials (by Melanie Grayce West in WSJ, Nov 4, 2019): "More than 150 people in New York have been sickened by vaping-related illnesses, and state health regulators still don't understand what specifically is causing the ailments."

Altria Cuts Value of Juul Stake by $4.5 Billion (by Jennifer Maloney in WSJ, Oct 31, 2019)

Juul and the corruption of design thinking (by Mark Hurst on Creative Good blog, Oct 24, 2019)

Judge Keeps Massachusetts Vaping Ban for Now (by Jon Kamp in WSJ, Oct 21, 2019)

Vaping's Dangers Drive Teens to Try to Quit (by Melanie Grayce West in WSJ, Oct 20, 2019)

The Promise of Vaping and the Rise of Juul (by Jia Tolentino in the New Yorker, May 7, 2018)